Through running, we aim to provide opportunities for people to think about how they can make a contribution to society, such as getting involved in charitable activities, promoting sports, protecting the environment, supporting refugees throughout the world, supporting children with incurable diseases, and animal protection. We hope to link the hearts of each individual with society. This vision underpins the running of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s "RUN with HEART" charity program.

The Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Charity will focus on creating a brighter future with different non-profit organizations to tackle social issues together through the sport of running.

◆Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity Entry Information
About Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Charity This is an initiative to expand the circle of charity activities through the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon.
You can support this initiative by making donations. Those who donate more than the amount specified by the charity organization and wish to run as a Charity Runner, may be selected as a Charity Runner and asked to promote the charity activities while participating in the event.
Official Charity Programs In the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023, 22 official charity programs will be actively carrying out their own promotional efforts, directly seeking donations.
*Some charity organizations may only accept donations and/or Charity Runner applications from those residing in Japan.
Field Size 2,000
Application Procedure 1 Select a charity organization below.
2 Apply a donation from the organization’s donation system.
Charity Runner Selection Criteria Charity Runners are selected by respective charity organizations.
Application Procedures & Schedule ①For those who wish to make a donation application, and also wish to run the event as a Charity Runner
Donation & Charity Runner Application period: Friday, April 28, 11:00 a.m. – Friday, May 26, 5:00 p.m. (JST)
*The above period may differ for each charity organization.

Entry Period: Thursday, June 1, 11:00 a.m. – Thursday, June 8, 5:00 p.m. (JST)
Eligibility: Must be at least 18 years of age on the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 race day.
*All rules and regulations set forth for the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 apply to Charity Runners.

②For those who only wish to donate
Application Period:Friday, April 28, 11:00 a.m. – Friday, May 26, 5:00 p.m. (JST)
*The above period may differ for each charity organization.
*Minimum amount of donation shall be 1,000 JPY
Contact Inquiries about the event :
Inquiries about the charityt
Inquiries regarding this donation application : Each charity organizations
Others * Charity runner registration (participation) is optional for donators.
Important Notes on Donation
[About charity participation]
You can participate by making a donation to each charity organization.
Those who wish to donate 50,000 yen or more can participate in the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 as a charity runner to promote their charity activities. You will be able to spread the greatness of charity activities through your participation in the race.

① Participation qualification
18 years old or older (as of October 15, 2023 on the day of the event)

② Please check the application requirements before applying.

③You can make duplicate donations to multiple organizations however, you cannot make multiple requests for a Charity Runner.

④We do not provide refunds after a donation has been made.
If this charity project or event is canceled due to reasons not attributable to the organizer, the donation will not be refunded.
If the selected charity organization has discontinued its program due to unavoidable circumstances, the collected donations will be allocated to another charity program.
Refunds are not also applicable in the following cases.
・If you decline to run due to your own circumstances
・If you do not run on the day of the event
・When the right to run is revoked due to reasons such as violation of the rules
・If you are unable to pay the entry fee by credit card

⑤ Participation fees are not included in donations.
Separate information will be sent to those who have advanced to runner entry.

⑥Applications by travel agencies not approved by the tournament organizer will not be accepted. If it becomes clear, the participation right will be canceled and the donation and participation fee will not be refunded even after payment.

⑦ Receipts of donations are available. We will inform you when you make a donation payment.

⑧All registered personal information will be used for the selection of charity runners for this event and for various communications regarding the event.

⑨Regarding corporate donations, you are not allowed to make conflicts with the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Official Partners, selling goods and/or promotion campaign using the charity program. If you engage in such activities or actions, you may not be able to apply for this event in the future.

・An examples of prohibited actions includes:
*Use of copyright or properties of the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon (name, picture, visuals, logo, etc.)
Example:"We/company supports the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon.
Example:"We/company supports the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Charity.
Example:"Through the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon, we have supported 〇〇 (charity organization name).
*Advertising within the event venue and along the course.
Example:"Displaying banners, wearing an items that displays company name, brand or products.

[Handling of personal information]
Tokyo Marathon Foundation Personal Information Protection Policy
You can choose from the 22 official charity programs of the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Charity that you would like to support.
* Please note that the program details of charity organizations are subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g., the occurrence of natural disasters or conflicts, the cessation of activities by a particular charity organization.