Our charity program aims to provide an opportunity for those who run, support and cheer the Tokyo Marathon to think about social contributions, and deliver an opportunity to take action, with the hopes of uniting the hearts of each and every person closer to the society.

“Let’s Convert Your Love for Running into Someone’s Happiness”.
With such passion at heart, the Tokyo Marathon continues to manage the charity program.

The Tokyo Marathon Charity program is operated in cooperation of the official charities and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation.

Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity Entry Information
About Tokyo Marathon Charity This is an initiative to expand the circle of charity activities through the Tokyo Marathon.
You can support this initiative by making donations. Those who donate more than the amount specified by the charity organization and wish to run as a Charity Runner, may be selected as a Charity Runner and asked to promote the charity activities while participating in the event.
Official Charity Programs Please choose which program you would like to support from the 39 official charity programs.
*Some charity organizations may only accept donations and Charity Runner applications from those residing in Japan.
Field Size 5,000
Application procedure 1 Select a charity organization on the RUN with HEART website
2 Apply to make a donation through the organization’s donation system.
Charity Runner Selection Criteria Charity Runners are selected by respective charity organizations.
*Charity Runner application is not first-come, first-served.
Application Procedures & Schedule
More details on Application Procedure will be updated in late June.
Donor program ①Finish lounge exclusively for Charity Runners will be made available. (provisional)
②Charity T-shirt will be distributed.
Others * Charity runner registration (participation) is voluntary for donators.
* Eligibility for participants as a Charity runner include fulfilling all other requirements and regulations applicable to general marathon participants.