Report: Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity in Review


We would like to sincerely thank you for your support through the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity

and through participating as a charity runner.

Your generous support will go to help each recipient organization, so we hope that you will continue to

support us.

The charity for the 2024 Congress [scheduled for Sunday, October 20] will be announced in mid-April.

■ Charity Runners

Introducing photos of and voices from charity runners.

■ Charity Lounge
On the day of the race, a lounge was set up exclusively for the charity runners in the Information Garden
on the 3rd floor of the National Stadium. It was used not only as a place to interact with staff from donor
organizations, but also as a changing space and a venue for charity runners to receive exclusive benefits.
Thank you to all the charity runners who came!

■ Gallery now open!
You can look back at the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 race scene, runners, volunteers, charities,
and related events with photos and videos.
Click here for the gallery