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A list of programs available to those who have donated as part of the Tokyo Marathon Charity program.

<1. Free invitation to special training sessions>
You will be invited to free training sessions led by a former pro long-distance running coach. We are planning 4-5 sessions before the Tokyo Marathon.

<2. Free invitation to an explanatory session>
We will introduce Katariba's work through real-time broadcasting. You can also participate online.

<3. Cheering from the sidelines>
On the day of the Tokyo Marathon, staff at Katariba and after-school center students will be on the sidelines cheering earnesly. We also invite your families, friends, and employees to join us to cheer on the runners.

<4. Running goods gift>
You will receive running goods you can use the day of the Tokyo Marathon as our gift.

<5. Thank-you letters from the children>
Our after-school center students will send you thank-you letters.

<6. Marathon day photos>
We will provide you with photos taken on the day of the marathon by Katariba.

<7. Bonus for corporate volunteers! Posting on the Katariba's website>
If you apply as a corporation, we will also post your comapany name on the our website.