Protecting children from hazardous child labour, providing education, and helping families raise themselves out of poverty.

Action against Child Exploitation

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About Programs

There are currently estimated to be 152 million children around the world who cannot receive an education and are in danger of serious injury and disease due to hazardous labor. ACE strives for a world without child labor and provides direct support to children and families who are engaged in child labor in India and Ghana. Donations from “Tokyo Marathon 2020” will be used to aid villages in India and Ghana in becoming child labour-free. Monies raised will be used specifically for school preparation and support, vocational training, support for improving household income, community awareness raising, etc.) in the project countries as well as for support, advocacy and research initiatives in Japan.

About the organization

Action against Child Exploitation (ACE) is a certified Japanese NPO founded in 1997, and has been working on solving social issues which relate to the human right of children and youth around the world. The main focus of ACE's efforts are on the abolition and prevention of Child labour worldwide, with specific focus on India and Ghana.

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