Providing and spreading sports activities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities

Special Olympics Nippon Foundation

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  • スペシャルオリンピックス日本
  • スペシャルオリンピックス日本
  • スペシャルオリンピックス日本
  • スペシャルオリンピックス日本
Applications for Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runners have been closed.
Donations can still be registered up until 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020.

Crowdfunding Participants

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  • Tami

    My little sister has down syndrome and I would love to raise funds to honor her

  • Nicole Nanette Jones

    All children should be allowed to play sports despite their physical or intel...

  • Jared Joseph Hansel

    Hoping to lift both myself and others to go plus ultra through running and sport

  • Parn

    For doing something good for the human society and push the limit of myself a...

  • 高橋 佑輔

    私は大人になってから言葉や文字が理解出来ない「失読症」を経験しました。 今は...

  • 岩切 敏晃


  • Zee

    I am passionate about running. I have ran for almost half of my life and see ...

  • Zen


  • Monica

    we have to help each other

  • 茂手木 直忠


  • Lenny

    Hoping to raise funds that will provide and spread sporting activities for ch...

  • Brian Houck

    I hope that I am able to do some good, while also racing in my last marathon ...

  • Tere

    help the others

  • スペシャルオリンピックス日本