Delivering clean water to save lives of African children.

World Vision Japan

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  • ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン
  • ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン
  • ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン
Applications for Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runners have been closed.
Donations can still be registered up until 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020.

Charity Ambassador

Crowdfunding Participants

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  • Stan

    We have been placed on this earth to contribute to something greater than our...

  • Ryan Woo Ng

    I have raised money for a non profit in the past. I like to support a charit...

  • Michelle R

    It is an honor to run the 2020 Tokyo Marathon on behalf of World Vision Japan...

  • ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン


  • Andres Eduardo Fernandez

    Running a marathon is a great example of will and endurance for family and fr...

  • seow ching wong

    Run for love, run for a better world, run to stay healthy and live and run wi...

  • 600

    Water was not easy to come by when I was a kid. There is no tap water. No bot...

  • Katie Leigh Treadwell

    Please join me in supporting World Vision Japan!

  • Dr. Nmezi

    As a retired physician and university professor, I regularly donate to charit...

  • Alexander Bernard McCaskill

    I developed a passion for helping people gain access to clean water after vis...

  • Graham William Meyer

    All kids in Africa should be looked after and should have access to clean water.


    Run for everyone

  • ワールド・ビジョン堂道


  • 李 義真

    李 義真(い ういじん)です。マイノリティとして葛藤の中を歩んできましたが、ど...

  • BrunoG

    During 42 km, you will have time to thing about your personal live condition ...

  • Pinky

    Im a keen runner and passionate about Africa and really luck to be able to do...

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