Specialised surgical project for people with severe injuries on their bodies in conflict zones


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  • 国境なき医師団
  • 国境なき医師団
  • 国境なき医師団
Applications for Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runners have been closed.
Donations can still be registered up until 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020.

Crowdfunding Participants

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  • 紺野 勝弥


  • coachcesar

    Im a running coach in Brazil Since I discover that I can run and help someone...

  • @ToruRunsForGood

    ぜひサポートをお願いしますPlease have a look on @ToruRunsForGood, support and...

  • 当摩 武彦


  • VanHorne Lum

    I would like fundraise to support valuable non-for-profit/charitable programs...

  • 国境なき医師団とみたりか/RikaTom


  • Andreas Danch

    Helping other people


    I want to participate in the charity race, to donate from heart to those inst...

  • Stephen

    I have run in Tokyo Marathon for 11 years since 2009 and will continue runnin...

  • Brendan Doyle

    To help people with severe injuries on their bodies in conflict zones

  • Timo

    The children are the ones that are impacted most during the conflicts of our ...

  • Gillian Hazel Dean

    MSF is a fantastic organization!

  • Luca PJ

    This time I want to run for also for helping who are less lucky than me, is m...

  • Emily

    My nephew did not live to see his dream of moving to Japan to teach. I am run...

  • Ball

    i hope you get better life

  • Yuji


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