• 2019-08-08

    Kamonohashi Project

    Run for Children : Join Active Charity Program of Kamo!

Kamo is an official charity recipient of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Active Charity. 

Join our Active Charity Program and
 ・Your donation will be used to help stop child sex trafficking.
 ・You will get program benefits for all Kamo Charity Runners.
 ・You will also get special benefits for Kamo Active Charity Runners.

≪Program for all Kamo Charity Runners≫
1.English-speaking staff always available
2.Commemorative gift for charity runners (ex.stickers, T-shirts, etc. TBD)
3.Roadside cheering during the event
4.Lounge for runners after finish, allowing charity runners to
  a. Meet up with families and friends
  b. Change clothes
  c. Get some rest, and refuel with food and drink
5.Two-part running clinic with the winner of the Tokyo Marathon 2010, Masakazu Fujiwara (In Japan only)
6.Thank you letter

≪Additional Program for Active Charity runners≫
You can choose from 3 options below:
1.A handmade shoulder bag from community factory of SALASUSU (former Kamo) in Cambodia to each runner.
 ・Handmade by women in Cambodia at community factory of SALASUSU (former Kamo)
 ・A simple unisex design shoulder bag is useful for your travel.
 ・A ticket to the factory in Cambodia is attached.
2.Talking event by our founder Murata if you apply more than three places (in Japan only)
3.Thank you letter for your organization / company if you apply as an organization, company, or group.

If you are interested, please visit and apply via our website.