• 2019-07-16

    Solaputi Kids’ Camp

    Inviting children with serious illnesses and their families to a dream campsite with on-site medical care.

Activity Report by the support of Tokyo Marathon Charity

Solaputi Kids' Camp operates only campsite in Japan with on-site medical care for children with serious illnesses. We invite over two hundred thousand children with serious illnesses and their families all over Japan to this campsite in Hokkaido for free of charge.  They spend meaningful time with their friends and families during this camp, and these experiences help these children to foster an energy to live. Solaputi Kids' Camp is truly thankful for your generous support. 

Results in 2018
 August 7th to 10th, 3 nights 4 days camping children with heart disease and their families 
   5 families 23 people living in the capital region participated
 September, 19th to 22nd, 3 nights 4 days Family camp Children with pediatric cancer and their families
   2 families 8 people living in Tokyo participated
※ In addition, Solaputi developed a horseback riding facility and special accessible devices for play at a forest in this campsite.  

Feedback from children who participated
 I felt confident about myself that I was able to make friends with the same illness and also felt to get a big reward because I worked hard for my treatment.
 After participating in this camp, my daily life has become fun.