• 2019-07-10

    Action against Child Exploitation

    Introduce a Special Program for ACE charity runners!

Here is the list of programs available to ACE charity runners 

[1] Practice session for charity runners
We are holding running practice session 3 to 4 times before the race in Tokyo with a professional running trainer as a running coach. It will be a great opportunity to get the support you may need from a professional running trainer and to meet other charity runners face to face before Tokyo Marathon 2020! 

[2] Cheering on the day of Tokyo Marathon 2020
On the day of the Tokyo Marathon 2020, ACE staff and supporters will be cheering you! If your family or friends are there, we will invite them to join us to cheer together.

[3] ACE’s Special Lounge on the day of the race
After finishing the marathon, ACE charity runners can use ACE Special Lounge (changing & restroom). Some snacks and beverages will be prepared. Please come by and use the special lounge to change and relax after the race, and share your experience with your fellow runners! This space can be used to meet up with your family and friends after the race.