• 2019-06-26

    Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children without Borders)

    Manufacture of “Blue Sashes” in Process in Cambodia!

“Blue Sashes” of traditional silk handmade by women in Cambodia will be presented to charity runners for KnK.

Why “Blue Sashes”?

Since 2006, KnK has been offering vocational training in traditional silk weaving and sewing techniques at its self-reliance support center “Wakamono-no-Ie (House for Youth)” in Cambodia. KnK is also promoting Income Generating Activities (IGA) in recent years so that young women, including local women from neighboring communities, can earn a cash income. Once mothers achieve economic independence, their children will be free from the risks of living on the street or engaging in child labor and be able go to school like all the other children.

Blue is the KnK color. Currently, Cambodia’s IGA team, specifically the Weaving Team is working on producing “Blue Sashes”! Silk thread dyed into KnK Blue will be woven into fabric with time and care by the Weaving Team and assembled into sashes by the Sewing Team.

Your donations will be used in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh for educational assistance for children who cannot escape the cycle of poverty on their own.

Wear a “Blue Sash” and run the Tokyo Marathon 2020!