What is the Tokyo Marathon Charity "Run with Heart"?


  • What is "crowdfunding"?

  • Crowdfunding is a new way to join in charitable giving by connecting charitable activities and thoughts via asking for support from acquaintances, friends, family, and others who are interested in charity. See here for more information.

  • How can I join the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity program as a charity runner?

  • See here for information.You can join as a supporter.
    * Applications for Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runners have been closed.

  • How do I choose a recipient program?

  • You can see all of the recipient programs from the list.
    Find and choose a program that you'd like to support from the 29 programs on the list.

  • Am I able to select the program supporting the recovery efforts for The Great East Japan Earthquake that was a program for the 2018 marathon?

  • From the 2020 marathon onwards, the donations for it are accepted via 「the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program 2

  • How do I search for charity runners?

  • You can search for a charity runner that you'd like to support here
    You can also search for a charity runner based on the recipient program or programs you may be interested in. This can be done from therecipient program

  • How do I search for my friend's charity sheet?

  • You can search usingthis charity runner search website.
    Search by entering their name, gender, etc.

  • Can I ask for donations after my participation as a charity runner has been confirmed?

  • Donations can be accepted from early October through late March.

  • Why am I not receiving emails?

  • Check the following if you have not received an email after system registration, after donating or after entering to run as a charity runner:
    ・Was the email automatically sent to the spam folder by mistaken?
    ・What are the spam settings of your email provider?
    ・Are you using a work or school email address that filters out certain types of emails?
    ・What are your security settings for email?
    ・Add the domain @runwithheart.jp to your contact list.
    Please contact the Tokyo Marathon Charity Entry Desk if you still are not receiving emails.

  • Are donations tax-deductible?

  • Individual donations are eligible for income deductions and tax credits. Check the website of each charitable organization or contact them directly for more information.
    *Donations to "Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program - 1,2”,  "NPO Kids Door" and "Family House(from December 19, 2020 onward)" are not eligible for tax deductions.

    Income Deduction
    When calculating taxable income, if certain income deduction criteria are met, various deductions can be made to lower the amount of income to be taxed. This in turn decreases the amount of money that can be taxed, which then decreases the overall amount of tax owed.

    Tax Credit
    A tax credit is a set amount of money that is deducted directly from taxes (taxable income x tax rate) when designated criteria are met.

  • How do I apply for Active Charity Program?

  • There are 26 programs.
    Contact the organization responsible for the Active Charity Program you are interested in.

  • What is the Recommended Environment?

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