Donation as Supporters

Supporter Registration and Regulation for Crowdfunding

Supporter Registration and Regulation for(Donation Only)

Participation period for Supporter(Donation Only)

10:00 a.m. (JST) October 1 (Tue.) 2019. to 5:00 p.m. (JST) March 31 (Tue.) 2020.

Total Donations

Any amount

  • *The minimum amount per donation that can be donated to the system is 1,000 yen and maximum is 999,000 yen.

Application Method


  • *Please proceed from the button below to searching for your supporting crowdfunding register a recipient program <Starting from 10 a.m. (JST) on July 22, 2019>

Payment Method

Credit card only

  • *Five international credit cards, including American Express, can be used.

An important Notice for Supporter(Donation Only)

  1. Program details of charity organizations are subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g., the occurrence of natural disasters or conflicts, the cessation of activities by a particular charity organization. Recipient organization cannot be changed after selecting.
  2. Donated donation that has been officially paid will not be refunded in any circumstances.
    If a charity program or the marathon is suspended or cancelled for any reason for which the Organizer cannot be held responsible, no refund of donations will be made. If, the program of the selected charity organization for which the donations are to be used (recipient charity program) is discontinued due to unavoidable circumstances, the collected donation funds will be allocated to another charity program.
  3. Crowdfunding Participants and Charity runners may not act in a manner that will conflict with Tokyo Marathon 2020's official partners, sell their entry or products which including their entry, or use their entry for promotional campaigns. Persons found to engage in said behavior will not only lose their eligibility to run as charity runners, but will be barred from registering to participate in future marathons.
    *An example of confliction with our official sponsors includes:
    3-1. Use of copyright or properties of Tokyo Marathon Foundation (name, picture, video, logo, etc.)
    Example:“We /company name support Tokyo Marathon”
    Example:“We /company name support Tokyo Marathon Charity”
    Example:“Through Tokyo Marathon we have supported….”
    Example:“One of our employee entered Tokyo Marathon as Charity Runner“
    3-2. Advertising along the course as well as in and near the event site
    Example:Bringing or wearing an item that advertises company name, brand or product.
  4. The Crowdfunding Charity only accept registration and donations from individuals. Receipts cannot be issued for corporations.
    *Regarding the legal entity donation, please contact the charity organization directly through the Active Charity page.
  5. Donation receipts will be issued by the donated organizations in late January 2020. (As a general rule, no receipts will be issued for donations of less than 2,000 yen to any single organization.)
    ・Receipts for donations made by October 31, 2019 (Thursday) , will be dated as issued in 2019 and sent in late January 2020.
    ・Receipts for donations made at a later date will be dated as issued in 2020, and currently are planned to be sent in late June 2020.
  6. Receipt of the donation will be issued by the recipient organization in late January 2020. However, donations to "Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program - 1,2”,  "NPO Kids Door" and "Family House(from December 19, 2020 onward)" are not eligible for tax deductions.
  7. All personal information registered will be used to create payment receipt or send tonics by the charity group, and/or used by Tokyo Marathon Foundation to provide you further more information.
  8. All donations and charity event accomplishments will be posted on the Tokyo Marathon Charity official website, following next days of the event.