Information for legal entity

Donations by legal entity

Starting from Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity, the "Legal Entity Donation" will be integrated into Active Charity, and the accepting number will be 1,000 persons (first-come, first-served).

  • * ”Active Charity” is a program designed for various organizations to collect donation individually by organizing unique promotions or programs designed for runners.
  • * For those who have donated above the amount that is specified by the organization, will have the option to choose to participate as Charity Runner at the Tokyo Marathon to promote the charitable movements.
  • * Applications for Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runners have been closed.
  • * 26 organization out of 29 organizations registered with the Tokyo Marathon Foundation will participate as Active Charity. Please refer below for the list of the participating organizations.
  • * Starting from this event edition, the “Legal Entity Donation” will end but will be integrated into Active Charity. For this reason, the terms and condition, entry sequence, entry period will be drastically different compared to previous year.
  • * Please note and acknowledge that we manage all Individual, Corporate, and Legal Entity donors equally when applying.
  • * The terms and conditions will vary by the charity recipient. Please directly contact the charity recipient 【Now accepting inquiry】.

Notes regarding legal entity donations

  1. Entry through a travel agencies not approved by the event organizer are not allowed. If discovered, the entry will be voided and the entry fee (including donation) will not be refunded.
  2. In relation to donations, a legal entity must not engage in any activity that conflicts with the rights of Tokyo Marathon 2020 official partners, or that exploits participation in the run for publicity purposes. Any such activity or behavior will result not only in the cancellation of participation, but also in a ban on applying for participation in future marathons.
    * Examples of activities that conflict with official partners
    1. Use of Tokyo Marathon property (e.g., event name, photos, images, logos)
      (example of prohibited action)“XX Corp. supports Tokyo Marathon.”
      (example of prohibited action)“XX Corp. supports Tokyo Marathon Charity.”
      (example of prohibited action)“XX Corp. supports YY (name of recipient charity program) through the Tokyo Marathon.”
      (example of prohibited action)“Our employees participated in the Tokyo Marathon as Charity Runners.”
    2. Advertising activities within the event venue or course
      (example of prohibited action)Designs, trademarks, brand names, etc. signifying the company name or products, either worn by a runner or displayed on a banner