What is Active Charity Program?

Active Charity program refers to efforts by recipient program organizations operating charity programs to independently secure donations through unique promotions or programs aimed at runners. For the Tokyo Marathon 2020, 26 out of a total of 29 projects will be directed toward a total of 1,000 charity runners.

For those that donate more than a certain amount designated by the each organization, it will be possible to participate in the Tokyo Marathon as a charity runner for exposuring of the organization’s charitable activities according to the request (participation is open to both individuals and corporations).

*Contact each recipient program of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity directly for Active Charity applications, questions, etc.

Active Charity programs (Organizations)

  • 1

    Creating and passing on a society in which people can enjoy new lifestyles through sports

    Tokyo Marathon Sports Legacy Program 1 Entry closed

  • 2

    Management of Ronald McDonald House residential facilities for children with intractable diseases and their families

    Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan Entry closed

  • 3

    Providing and spreading sports activities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities

    Special Olympics Nippon Foundation Entry closed

  • 4

    Providing shelters to protect the lives of refugees forced to leave their homes due to conflicts

    Japan for UNHCR Entry closed

  • 5

    Inviting children with serious illnesses and their families to a "dream campsite" with on-site medical care, and providing invaluable time in great nature.

    Solaputi Kids’ Camp Entry closed

  • 6

    Providing residential facilities and care for children fighting critical illness and their families during medical treatments

    Family House Entry closed

  • 7

    Development and Promotion of Para-Sports

    Japanese Para-Sports Association Entry closed

  • 8

    Providing opportunities for mental care and learning to Japanese children suffering from disasters and poverty

    Katariba Entry closed

  • 9

    We prevent the global warming and succeed healthy forests to the next generation by developing a low-pollen forests.

    Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Entry closed

  • 10

    Development of protection and transfer activities to save dogs’ lives, as well as training for disaster relief and therapy dogs

    Peace Winds Japan Entry closed

  • 11

    Providing daycare service for all the children with special needs in Tokyo

    NPO Florence Entry closed

  • 12

    Protecting children from hazardous child labour, providing education, and helping families raise themselves out of poverty.

    Action against Child Exploitation Entry closed

  • 13

    Specialised surgical project for people with severe injuries on their bodies in conflict zones

    MSF Entry closed

  • 14

    Run for girls! We support girls in developing countries access to education and say “NO” to early forced marriage.

    Plan International Japan Entry closed

  • 15

    Protecting children in poverty, those subject to bullying, eating alone, those with developmental disorders, or a troubled lifestyle.

    SodateageNet Entry closed

  • 16

    To accomplish our goal to make society a place where every child can receive wonderful education, we send passionate teachers chosen from our rigorous selection

    Teach For Japan Entry closed

  • 17

    By changing social system and empowering survivors, Kamo aims to solve the problem of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in India.

    Kamonohashi Project Entry closed

  • 18

    Enhancing communications beyond generations through hands-on experience at the Tokyo Toy Museum.

    TOKYO TOY MUSEUM Entry closed

  • 19

    Delivering clean water to save lives of African children.

    World Vision Japan Entry closed

  • 20

    To support and provide emergency assistnace to refugees arriving to Japan.

    Japan Association for Refugees Entry closed

  • 21

    To support working new-mothers and their family by providing the care they need in order to return to work.

    MadreBonita Entry closed

  • 22

    Enlarging bone-marrow bank and gathering greater number of donors. Providing counseling and financial consultation services for leukemia patients.

    JMDRPC Entry closed

  • 23

    Providing a free and positive facitily for high school children and drop-outs in poverty to safely study and receive a meal.

    NPO Kidsdoor Entry closed

  • 24

    Providing an educational opportunity for children who are unable to go to school for financial reasons in Cambodia and Phillipines.

    Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children without Borders) Entry closed

  • 25

    Providing an support in enhancing the Quality Of Life (QOL) for children battling with cancer now and in the past

    Gold Ribbon Network Entry closed

  • 26

    Delivering scholarship funds to children in orphanage and foster-cared children.

    The Nippon Foundation Entry closed