What is the Tokyo Marathon Charity "Run with Heart"?

What is the Tokyo Marathon Charity, “Run with Heart”?

In accordance with its theme—“The Day We Unite.”—the Tokyo Marathon has grown and evolved to become a major event that brings together and joyfully connects not only runners, but also many, many volunteers and supporters. The Tokyo Marathon Charity was organized for the first time in 2011, with the aim of uniting even more people.

The Tokyo Marathon Charity aims to offer people who participate in the Tokyo Marathon (by running, volunteering or cheering) opportunities to consider making a positive social contribution to the world. For example by promoting charities and sports, environmental conservation, refugee assistance, support for children with intractable diseases and animal welfare, thereby helping to unite the hearts of people everywhere. It is with this aspiration that the Tokyo Marathon Charity is organized.

The Tokyo Marathon Charity is collectively called as “Run with Heart” and the Tokyo Marathon continues to pursue its unique style of the charity program.

The Tokyo Marathon Charity program is operated in cooperation of the recipient program charities and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation.