Kelly Chiusanoさん (クラウドファンディング登録者)


I have run the New York City Marathon with Team For Kids. Knowing that I was able to do something that I love while helping other people filled my heart with so much joy. I hope to be able to give back again.

I will run the race with a smile knowing we are helping kids.


It is with great pleasure that I may participate in the name of the Family House.

自分の チャリティシートに 1,000円寄付します!

2019-08-26 08:32:18

You got this!

この チャリティシートに 100,000円寄付します!

Kelly Chiusano 2019-08-26 19:25:32

Fingers crossed!

自分の チャリティシートに 200,000円寄付します!

2019-09-08 09:47:21