TanSum Kwokさん (クラウドファンディング登録者)


I am excited and moved to participate in the marathon held in Japan. The Tokyo Marathon is a favorite event. In addition to traveling, I want to know Japan by running!

I will run with my effort and sweat! I hope you will make a donation.


自分の チャリティシートに 100,000円寄付します!

2019-07-02 12:41:03

Support & add oil!

自分の チャリティシートに 5,000円寄付します!

2020-01-19 00:33:19

Zero, Before running, do not sleep late, do not eat a lot, do not play more attention to other girls, please put concentration on the run.

自分の チャリティシートに 10,000円寄付します!

2020-01-22 00:27:37